If a guy who you planned to have sex with refused to wear a condom, what would you say?

And don’t scoff: there are plenty of horror stories around of men (and women) insisting they won’t have sex if prophylactics are involved.

Faced with a similar predicament in a sex-ed test, one fourteen year-old girl has proven she’s got it all sorted. On a test page titled “Objections to Condoms”, students were asked to write responses to situations where their sexual parter refused to wear a condom.

If they said they were STI-free? Our smart young student would tell them to “Go fuck yourself”.

If he complained that condoms didn’t feel good? She’d remind him that “being pregnant doesn’t feel good either”.

The girl probably didn’t anticipate that her paper would end up being posted to Reddit and shared around the world, but then men refusing to wear condoms during sex is a fucking joke and a real problem, so it’s not really all that surprising.

It’s no secret that many people – men and women – don’t like using condoms.

In a conversation with Norman Mailer, Madonna once admitted that although condoms were useful “in terms of preventing sexually transmitted diseases… they feel terrible”.

Mailer agreed with her. “The only thing you can depend on with condoms is that they will take 20 to 50 percent off your fuck,” he said.

But if a fourteen year-old girl can challenge a guy who refuses to wear a condom so spectacularly, so can you.

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