Anonymous UK Gambler Speaks Out

Gambling for a living might seem, at least to some, like a dream come true, notably if you enjoy the world of online gambling and making a bit of money on the side. But, once upon a time, the words “professional gambler” didn’t make us imagine the luxurious and attractive side we know today. Instead, gambling carried the stigma of a money-grabbing hobby reserved for those unscrupulous players who didn’t have a full-time job.

Eventually, with the growth of the online gambling industry and the lack of taxes on wins, people started transforming this once stigmatized opportunity into a career. That’s why we’re talking to an anonymous gambler today, who speaks out on some of the questions you might have regarding this profession.

What Is a Professional Gambler?

There are six main types of gamblers you’ll be quick to recognize. You have the professional player, the casual/social type, the escape gambler, the antisocial one, and the compulsive gambler too.

Unlike all the other types, professional gamblers have a higher stake than their competitors, since this is their livelihood, their profession. They decide beforehand which games they choose to play, whether a strategy or another is appropriate for a particular circumstance, and how much time and money is worth investing.

Plus, contrasting the compulsive gambler, professionals are not addicted to the game; they are merely using their skill set to approach this job as a job rather than a mere entertainment source.

What are the biggest misconceptions in the industry?

That it’s all about knowing the odds, the right techniques, or counting cards. In reality, the game involves more than just skill but also how and when you read people and their actions.

Plus, you should know that there is no such thing as a “tell.” Unfortunately, no professional will ever play a series of games and reveal their cards or bluffs with one single tick. Well, unless they’re terrible liars, which most professional gamblers aren’t.

By contrast, they will have a pattern, a system of twitches and movements that should tell you a full story. In other words, you’re bound to lose hard and fast if you don’t take the time to analyze your competition. Even when playing online, you might not physically see the ones in front of you, but there is often a chat and an accompanying series of events.

While there is nothing wrong with math and pattern recognition, when you reach the professional stage, beating the house isn’t the issue. The real problem is knocking the people who own that big luxurious cabin, home, or car that you’d love to have.

To create a name for yourself and win big, which should always be your goal, you have to make those big fish worried about you. Think that you’re playing with big bad wolves who can smell fear. You need to be on top of your game.

Is this an “honorable” profession?

Simply put, possibly not. But, if you were to think about it, players worldwide sit down at a table with you (i.e., virtual or not) and want to be there. Newbies and seasoned gamblers will always go for new opportunities and events, but it isn’t like politics.

Nobody will step on someone below them. It’s all about reading people, knowing your stuff, and being willing to try something different. A common mistake is not expanding your horizons. Whether you’re in Nevada, Sweden, or Bulgaria, you should always find a new experience. Even new casinos found online can help you better understand what your competition could be like, and it will teach you things like patience. Even if you don’t win, you’ll learn how not to be a sore loser.

If you’re looking for entertainment, that’s one thing. But if you want to make a living out of this, the game is designed for profit. The reward should always outweigh the risk, but having no prize in gambling outweighs getting beaten by a sleazy bookie or losing all your money on a single roll of a dice.

Which Are The Best Tips For Gamblers?

There are many things that we could say here, but there are three crucial points which you should always remember:

1)    Analyze the winners

There is a reason why some players constantly win, and it has little to do with luck. If after an hour of play or ten hands you don’t understand who will win or lose, then you’re probably going to lose. There’s always room for improvement, but you will need to analyze what others are doing and how they are playing.

2)    Never gamble more than you can afford to lose

Going into debt isn’t going to make you a better entrepreneur or a happier individual. We see too many gambling enthusiasts that believe in pure luck or a lucky person picked up at the bar and go all in with their house.

Unless you are a professional, the strong recommendation is to not gamble more than 10 to 15% of your disposable income for that month. Hopefully, that percentage is the money you don’t need for things like rent, food, or electricity.

But, if you have to save for months on end to afford a bigger bet, then maybe you should take it as a sign from God, Buddha, or your accountant that you’re meant for the small tables and nothing more.

At the end of the day, if you want to be a professional, you have to act like one. This means never putting any family member in an awkward or uncomfortable situation with your gambling habits.

3)    Know when to stop

As mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a lucky dice, magic cards, or muse to your earnings. Once you’ve won big, it’s time to rethink your steps and maybe call it a night before it’s too late. After all, the house is made to win, and the longer you stay, the less likely you’ll be able to keep up.