7 Things Women Hate On A Hens Night

hens night

A hen party is really a great time of helping the soon to be bride enjoy her last night of singlehood, have plenty of fun and spend quality time with her squad. However, there some things women don’t really like when it comes to a hen party. Magic Men Hen nights can end up being too expensive, and most maids of honor will go as far as organizing a wild night out. You may even be considering turning the hen night into a hen holiday. Nevertheless, that may be a huge mistake because you might discover that most people you were expecting to show up would end up not showing up due to the high price of a flight ticket. Also, you do not want to spend everything you have on a hen party and figure out you have no money left for your honeymoon.


Most women don’t like it when you make yourself too noticed by streaming and disturbing everyone else in a public place. You probably will celebrate your hen party in public. You may not begin at the VIP section of a hotel or club and could probably begin your party at an eatery surrounded by your dearest friends. It is important always to keep your actions and excitement suited to your environment.


Hen parties are meant to be fun, though if you aren’t careful emotions and booze could end up taking things to the other direction. This can be embarrassing, awkward, and if it is recorded, things may even end up being worst after the party. Women hate seeing a bride be too emotional on her hens night. As such, you are expected to be at the top of your game and be in control and do not air out dirty laundry in public. You can find more about hens parties at www.hensnightsydney.com


We are sure immediately you arrive at home you will love to share some beautiful snapshots from the hen party on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media. This may include embarrassing moments and fantastic group shots of some members of your party. Women hate it when you post pictures from your hen’s party with permission. You should not upload any photos or videos of others unless you seek their permission. What you see as a funny moment might be the someone else’s worst night. If you all laugh over, that’s okay, but don’t get surprised when posting without proper permission ends up in arguments.


Dancing on a dancefloor is a different thing but using the pole is another thing. Best in some case you end up appearing silly in a video online the following day or in the worst case you injure yourself few days to your wedding while trying to dance upside down on the pole.


This happens when the organizers (who is usually the bride’s maid or maid of honor) doesn’t know what the bride really wants or like. Most brides prefer an indoor hens party as it is more private and less crowded. We all know that feeling when you really want something but end up getting a whole different thing.


This is a huge mistake which most bridesmaids are guilty of. If you’re the planner of the hen night, your mindset should be based on what the bride to would like not what you like. A good example is the custom of the male stripper. If the bride demand for a male stripper to appear in a soldier uniform, by every means, male arrangements for one.


It is always better if you don’t fix the date of the hen party the night before the big day. While this was like tradition, it just does not make sense in practice. If you plan your hen party the night before, you risk being the drunk or hungover bride walking down the aisle. This can also limit the kind of party you plan for the hen event and the distance when it comes to the location.