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At Birdee, we’re proud – and go out of our way – to feature your work. (Yes, yours!)

typewriterThis is your site and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to share their opinion, creativity and ideas – it’s what makes the world (or at least this website) go round.

If you have an article, story, poem, comic, illustration or song you’d like to share, simply fill out the form and upload your work below.

Birdee proudly pays all of our contributors. If we publish your work, we’ll pay you for it:

  1. Because we believe that everyone should be recognised for their talent, and
  2. Because it’s the right thing to do!

We’ll be in touch with you via email if we’re going to publish your work. Please respect that we might not be able to respond to every submission.

Happy writing / drawing / rhyming / singing / dancing!